The San Diego Bay Study

By the Students of High Tech High, San Diego




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Dr. Vavra and High Tech High Books
by the students of The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High

The Two Sides of the Boat Channel: A Field Guide
Ecological assement and environmental remediation are important subdisciplines in the ever growing field of biotechnology that support a range of career opportunities. The Field Guide produced by the biotechnology students of High Tech High in San Diego demonstrates the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to ecological assessment.

This work reveals the impact of integrating disciplines such as the humanities, mathematics and biotechnology. The Field Guide produced by the students of High Tech High has received praise from: biologists, conservationists, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the San Diego City Council and the Mayor of San Diego. The book also includes an inspiring foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall.

Foreword - Introduction - Biology Introduction


Perspectives of San Diego Bay


The second book in the High Tech High Field Guide series is one dedicated to the different facets of the San Diego Bay and the San Diego Boat Channel. Produced by 56 eleventh graders over the course of four months, "Perspectives" offers a very naturalistic approach to one of San Diego's local wonders by synthesizing the sciences, the arts and humanities, and math into a tangible guide and photobook full of fascinating information.

Foreword by Jane Goodall - Praise - Biogeagraphy - Conferences - Preview




San Diego Bay: A Story of Exploration and Restoration

The third book in the High Tech High San Diego Bay series takes a different view of the bay. It's historic approach to the usage, exploitation, and restoration of the bay explores the many keystone events that occured during the history of the bay. Written by the students of High Tech High, "San Diego Bay: A Story of Exploitation and Restoration" provides a new outlook and is full of interviews, reports, and artisitc pieces about the history of the San Diego Bay.

Foreword (to be posted) - Praise


San Diego Bay: A Call for Conservation

The fourth and most recent San Diego Bay Book is of the conservation stories around the Bay. This is a book about the coexistence of humanity and wildlife that is creatively woven together with original research, novel science, historical investigations, interviews and colorful graphics. The focus is San Diego Bay and its surrounding regions which have the unique combination of rapid urbanization, high biodiversity, and large numbers of rare and unique species. However, the theme of finding a balance between economic growth and biological conservation is becoming universal.

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New! Childrens Books

In order to spread awareness and conservation of our natural resources, children's books were made by the class. These books put into witty stories ecology subjects that help inspire young minds to respect and take care of nature.

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Upcoming! A Book on Bio-Diversity

We are looking forward to announce the release of our biodiversity book. In the meantime, cheak out our Biodiversity page to get inspired!

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Students of Consequence African Bushmeat Expedition DVD

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“The field guide presents a wonderful synthesis of original science, review of published information, and humanistic insights into conservation…” — George B. Schaller