The San Diego Bay Study

By the Students of High Tech High, San Diego


The High Tech High San Diego Bay Study has, over the course of eleven years, introduced over 600 high school students to original research in biological assessment and engagement in science writing and reflection regarding their urban ecology. Currently, the students of Dr. Vavra’s Biology class are finishing a book about invasive species. Invasive species are very destructive because they displace native wildlife, resulting in a decrease in biodiversity around the globe. Student research is focused on early detection of introduced species with DNA barcoding, habitat restoration, and bringing awareness about the topic at hand.



High Tech High's fifth book from the San Diego Bay Study will be arriving soon in February 2014!

“Biomimicry: Respecting Nature Through Design” is a story about sustainability which was researched, sketched, photographed, designed and written by students of High Tech High. The book addresses case studies in biomimetic design and also focuses on numerous environmental problems in and around San Diego Bay. The student authors have developed their own elegant solutions to these problems using the principles of biomimicry.


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COMING SOON! HTH San Diego Bay Study's first iBook. This new book, "The Unknown War: Battle for Biodiversity" is about the problems associated with invasive species and the solutions to solve them. It is filled with original research by HTH students including DNA barcoding for the early detection of invasives and habitat restoration projects to bring back native species. The book also includes an extensive field guide to native plants of the region along with compelling essays on the role of humans as invasive species. This iBook is filled with beautiful photography, naturalist sketches, interactive graphics, and even video. Dr. Jane Goodall will be contributing a foreword to this innovative project.


2013 Calendar


The San Diego Bay Biodiversity Calendar was created by the students of HTH. San Diego's climate, topography, and proximity to the ocean makes the region able to support a variety of different ecosystems, from tidal marsh to coastal sage scrub. This calendar features native plants that can be found locally in San Diego. Learn about the native species and their ecosystems in the 2013 Biodiversity Tide Calendar. Learn More.


Invasive Species


We are working on a project about invasive species. Invasive species effect bay life and health. To help bring awareness to this issue, we will be documenting a new invasive species each week.

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Native Plant Garden


High Tech High has been developing a completely sustainable native plant garden, and we hope that many other schools do as well. Information on this and other high school Native Plant Gardens can be found here.







Photo of the Week



High Tech High Students volunteering at the San Diego River Garden Archive





“The field guide presents a wonderful synthesis of original science, review of published information, and humanistic insights into conservation…” — George B. Schaller